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(spatial) branding specialist, graphic designer & storyteller, with a life-long passionate interest in cultural events, art, design & architecture... always actively finding inspiration everywhere & anywhere! living in amsterdam since 2004 & loving the vibrancy of this beautiful city.

personally i'm all about colourful pattern clashes, stripes and black and white. professionally i'm content when geeking out creating individual personalities for brands and crafting unique and 'on brand' icon sets... above all, developing simple, well functioning design across all user and customer journey touch points.

extensive experience within dutch & international agencies, working
on national & international projects; from discussing budgets & planning, concepting ideas, presenting to clients & board of directors, to delivering definitive artwork. from art direction, overseeing the creative team & mentoring junior designers to working with external production agencies & other partners.

knowledge and passion have also lead to event branding concepts & design, as well as, assisting event managers, overseeing the set-up team & being hands on transforming locations into memorable experiences.

i love that, as a graphic designer, you get the opportunity to create everything from signage to brochures, events and experiences, to packaging and websites, try out being an illustrator and stylist, and everything in between! - there is nothing better than a consistent look and feel to a brand!

it's always great to hear from you.
let's have a cuppa & a chat about the beauty of branding.
+31 6 287 41334
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