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during the first covid-19 lockdown in april of 2020, i illustrated an A - Z, multipage per letter, learning and activity book for a friend and her two children.


after a few requests, i also offered a free pdf via my instagram page which is very popular. this supported working at home parents entertaining their children whilst being off school and at home all of the time.

from the start of 2021 my little A-Z book is being used as an addition to the curriculum of a home schooling initiative in Rishikesh, India. this initially started whilst schools were first closed, it now has 20+ children and will be offered to disadvantaged children in the future. the 'school' has had my continuing support since the beginning of the pandemic.

so far the pdf has landed at various locations in UK, NL, USA and India, as well as, Belgium, Zimbabwe, New Zealand, Nairobi, Sweden, Brazil, Canada, Australia and recently Denmark and Alaska - global A-Z!

  • A - Z, multipage per letter, learning and activity book.

  • spelling, maths, colouring, crafting, playing.

  • suitable for children around 8 years old and under.

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