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i was excited to be invited as one of the guest speakers at HEARSAY. the fifth edition had a central theme ‘Imagination, the serious idea of creativity’.

presenting a project to a board of directors seemed easy compared to writing a unique 20 minute speech, given in front of my peers and people i admire in the design industry! but it was a theme that brought back sparks of childhood memories. my dad brought home cardboard boxes from which my brother and i built houses and castles - one of my earliest memories of my own imagination.

when you are a child, your imagination is boundless. as an adult it can be limited. as creatives we use our Imagination all the time. we are sponges for the information and inspiration that surrounds us. in my daily work it can happen that my imagination isn’t sparked, for example right at the beginning of a difficult brief.

i created my own methodology on IMAGINATION that worked for me and i shared these at HEARSAY. 

- opposites attract

- step away from the mouse

- take your mind for a wander

- no idea is a bad idea

The philosophy of Hearsay is simple but strong. Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I’ll understand. Hearsay is born from a wish to create a space that influences creative conversation that encourages opinion and that lets the community speak openly.

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